Report of HKCTU to the UN Human Rights Council on the status of labour rights in China and Hong Kong

The UN Human Rights Council conducts a universal periodic review every four and a half years to examine the implementation and practice of human rights obligations and commitments of 193 member states, and invites different sectors to submit reports during the review.  The process reminds member states of their responsibility to respect and improve the human rights situation in their countries.  In November 2018, the Human Rights Council will review the implementation of human rights in 14 countries, including China, and invite NOGs to submit submissions to the Human Rights Council to report on the human rights situation in China and Hong Kong.  Labour and trade union rights, as part of the basic human rights prescribed by the United Nations, are also included in the projects under consideration.  Therefore, in March of this year, the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions submitted a report focusing on the implementation of labor rights and trade union rights in the Mainland China and Hong Kong, expounding the position of the HKCTU on the following topics and making the following specific recommendations:

1. The situation of freedom of association, freedom of speech and the right to strike of workers in China;

2. The Hong Kong Government does not guarantee the protection of working hours, living wages, collective bargaining, trade unions and the right to strike.