Workers Detained, Student Disappeared: The JASIC Workers’ Struggle Rumbles on in August

August 1

The Pingshan General Union granted permission to the establishment of the JASIC trade union preparatory committee, with the vice chairman of the Pingshan Union, Huang Jianxun, appointed as the committee chair, while the company’s Director of Investment Project, Zhang Zhiying, was appointed vice chair of the committee.  Such appointments unveiled the blatant collaborations between the ACFTU and the management.

Document indicates that ACFTU bureaucrat, Huang, and Jasic management personnel, Zhang, were the Chair and Vice-chair of the Jasic Union Preparatory Committee respectively

Two lawyers managed to approach two arrested workers’ representatives, Mi Jiuping and Yu Yucong, in Shenzhen Longgang Detention Centre.  The workers were told that they had been detained on the charge of “picking quarrels and provoking troubles”, but they refused to confess and continue to fight on.

August 7

14 arrested workers and 1 student were released, with another 14 workers still under detention.  Upon their releases, some of the JASIC workers exposed various acts of extrajudicial torture, including violence and sexual harassment.  In an online video, one of the released workers, Lan Zhiwei, explained the violence in prison.

Worker told of his ordeal in prison

August 11

According to online reports, one of the main members of the Solidarity Supporters Group, Shen Mengyu, was taken away by a number of unknown assailants in the public and disappeared ever since.  The Solidarity Supporters Groups alleged that the police concealed key evidence and denounced its unresponsiveness in the investigation.  The whereabouts of Shen remains unknown as of the writing of this report.

Shen Mengyu

August 16

About 40 members of the Solidarity Supporters Group were blockaded by the Police while on their way to hand in a petition to the Pingshan Political and Legal Affairs Commission.  After a standoff at an intersection for almost three hours, the deputy commissioner arrived at the scene to receive the petition.

Supporters blocked by the police on their way to hand in petition

Photo Credits: 時代先鋒