Police Raided the Jasic Workers Solidarity Support Group More than 50 Workers and Students Arrested

At 5:00 am on August 24, more than 50 members of the Jasic Workers Solidarity Support Group, who are mainly workers and students, were arrested in a police raid at their temporary residence in Huizhou. Despite some resistance, all of the Group members presented at the site were taken away including LAN Zhi Wei, YU Kai Long, YU Wei Ye (three workers released on bail from the earlier mass arrest), YUE Xin (fresh graduate of the Peking University), ZHAN Zhen Zhen (the founder of the Campus Workers Investigation Project of the Peking University), FENG Ge (Ex-President of the Anti-poverty Association of the Peking University), and also other students from the Renmin University of China, Nanjing University who initiated the co-signed supporting Jasic workers. At the same time, two workers representatives and a student called GU Jia Yue who recently visited the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and All-China Women's Federation for the incident also lost contact.

Mayhem broke out at the dormitory housing members of the Support Group

The Support Group was set up last month in wake of the Jasic Workers Struggle by a number of social activists, Left-wing and Maoist groups in China.  Throughout the struggle, the Support Group continues to mobilize workers and students from different parts of the nation to come to the workers’ support in Guangdong. However, their actions drew attention from the authorities and one of their leaders, Shen Mengyu, was taken away by a number of unknown assailants just weeks ago.  Thus far, including the newly arrested workers and students, the number people who have been arrested and taken away due to their involvement in the Jasic Labour Struggle has already exceeded 70.