Another Workers Struggle in Yet Another Redevelopment Instigated Factory Relocation

Nearly 400 workers from the Jiapan Oil Seal Products Factory in Shenzhen have gone on strike in the cold weather earlier this month.  Affected by the Fuyong Innovation Facelift Project, the Japanese owned rubber parts manufacturer plans to relocate its production plant to the Bao’an District in 2018.  Despite the imminent relocation, the employer has yet to consult nor compensate the workers as stipulated by the law.  Thus, the workers went on strike and prevented the removal of machineries from the factory on January 8 and demanded compensations in relocation, social security, housing provident, and annual leaves.  But with the assistance from the Public Security Department, police was dispatched to harass the workers’ action and arrested five workers, who were later released on the same evening.

Under the adverse conditions of cold weather and crackdown from the police, the workers were forced to strike an agreement with the employer after one day of struggle.  An announcement was made on the same day that 3,000 yuan was given to the workers as compensation and rewards, while the workers announce the conclusion of the collective action.