Released JASIC Workers Reveal Violence in Prison


As of August 7, 15 detained workers and students from the JASIC workers struggle have since been released, but many of them revealed that they had been physically abused by the police during their detentions.


Since their releases, some of the JASIC workers exposed various acts of extrajudicial torture, including violence and sexual harassment.  For instance, a female worker, Huang, was beaten in the head by three police officers until her lips bled; another male worker, Hu, was handcuffed to an iron chair and forced him immovable for 24 hours.  Meanwhile, female workers were watched by male policemen in lavatories and a male worker, Mu, was publicly insulted by the prison guards when he was forced to lick an apple cut in the shape of the female sex organ in front of some fifty prisoners.


Worker Lan Zhiwei displays his wounds in a video showing how he was abused by the police during his detention


On the other hand, the workers are still being tracked and monitored by government officials even after their detentions.  Since their releases on August 4, the workers were asked to report to the Pingshan Police every half an hour.  If they failed to do so, their family would be harassed and intimidated by the police.  Thus, their personal freedom is still immensely restricted regardless of their confinement conditions.


Besides, another 14 JASIC workers are still under detention since the July 27 arrests, including Zhang Zezhen, the mother of a five-month old baby.  Given the abuses endured by the released workers, the conditions of the still detained workers are indeed very distressing.



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