JASIC Workers Supporters Group Member - Shen Mengyu Taken Away by Unknown Assailants


As the JASIC labour struggle continues to brew, the workers and their supporters are still facing immense suppressions from all sides. Most recently, one of the main members of the Solidarity Supporters Group, Shen Mengyu, was taken away by a number of unknown assailants in the public and disappeared ever since.


According to online reports, Shen Mengyu was taken away by three unidentified men while having dinner with her parents and two friends on August 11. During the incident, one of the men blocked Shen’s friends from coming to her aid while the other two forced Shen into a black private car and took her away. Upon learning of the incident, members of the Supporters Group immediately rushed from their hotel room to help, only to find out that the elevator was out of order and they had to take the stairs from ninth floor. However, when they arrived at the scene, the black private car had already escaped without a trace.



When members of the Supporters Group asked for surveillance camera images from the hotel, the owner rejected the request after interference from a suspected plainclothes police officer. They then reported the incident to the police, but the police delayed the reporting process on purpose. After taking brief statements at the scene, the police took the two witnesses to the Huizhou Xinxi Police Station for further questionings. Several members of the Supporter Group also accompanied the witnesses to the police station for fear of their safety. Upon arrival at the police station, members of the Solidarity Group asked the police to investigate the surveillance camera images on the main routes leading to Shenzhen, but found that four key surveillance cameras were out of order. Meanwhile, the two witnesses also met with impediments from the police during the questioning process. The whereabouts of Shen Mengyu is still unidentified as of today (15/8/2018).



The Supporters Group has since issued a statement to demand the parties who are responsible for Shen’s disappearance to surrender to the authorities immediately, while the Support Group also reiterate that they are not to be deterred by coercion and will continue to support the legitimate rights and interests of the JASIC workers.

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