Investigation on Corporate misconduct is not a crime. Free the labour activists now!


On May 30th, three labour activists Hua Haifeng, Li Zhao and Su Heng were being arrested by Jiangxi public security when they were investigating labour conditions of a Huajian Group’s factory, which has manufactured Ivanka Trump’s branded shoes. Those labour activists are still kept under criminal detention for over 23 days, and are prosecuted for illegal use of eavesdropping equipment.


The development of global supply chain and the profit maximization of multinational corporations are at the expense of the labour rights and environmental protection. Corporates have rarely been prosecuted and local governments turn a blind eye to their misconducts, the violation of law has already become a norm of the corporate practice. Labour activists investigated the corporate misconducts by uncovering investigation; the aim of the investigation is to foster public understanding of corporate misconduct. This investigating method is often being used to find out the truth when there is a lack of labour rights in the society. Investigators who are manifesting social justice should not be regarded as illegal and being arrested.


It is noted that the labour activists were being arrested when the factory found out they obtained adequate evidence that the factory of Huajian Group violates the labour laws and the misuse of student workers. The misconduct of the factory is liable to prosecution and punitive actions should be taken in accordance with the laws. Yet, three labour activists who are investigating illegal acts of the corporation are being arrested, instead of the Huajian Group, which objectively violate the public genuine rights to know, and prevent the world from knowing the truth.


As a group of labour NGOs concerning China labour rights, we believed the arrest is an act of collusion between the corporation and the local government to suppress labour activists. The petition contains the following demands:

1. The Jiangxi government should immediately release the labour activists- Hua Haifeng, Li Zhao and Su Heng;
2. Impose punishments on Huajian Group’s misconduct, and proceed to rectify the problem immediately;
3. Ensure public’s right to obtain information. Shame on criminal detention, not corporate misconduct investigation!


You can sign the Petition in the following link:


Signed by,

1. Asia Monitor Resource Centre
2. Globalization Monitor
3. Worker Empowerment
4. Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions
5. Labour Education and Service Network
6. Labour Action China
7. Students and Scholars against Corporate Misbehaviour
8. Borderless Movement
9. China Labour Bulletin
10. Korean House for International Solidarity
11. Worker's Initiative - Kolkata
Sedane Association
13. Justice & Peace Commission of the H.K. Catholic Diocese
14. International Fire Fighters
15. Yokohama Action Research
and Worker's Service Centre
17. Clean Clothes Campaign East Asia Coalition
18. No Chains


Contact person: Ming Lam 94934368

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