200 Hong Kongers Commemorate the Death of Labour Rights Movement Hero Li Wangyang


June 6 marks the fifth anniversary of the labour movement hero Li Wangyang’s death.  Five years ago, the wronged death of Li instigated an uproar both domestically and internationally, inspiring 25,000 Hong Kong people took to the streets to demand for his justice.  Nowadays, the Chinese Government is still trying to distort the truth in insisting that Li committed suicide, while Li’s sister, Li Wangling, brother in law Zhao Baozhu, friends Zhu Chengzi and Yin Zhenan are still under surveillance.



Inspired by the Polish Solidarity Union Movement, Li started to organize workers and advocated democratic awareness in the community during the early Eighties.  However, his wishes to see Chinese workers to enjoy the right to freedom of association has yet to be succeeded.  In recent years, the Chinese Government has escalated her efforts in suppressing independent labour movement by interfering the operations of independent labour NOGs, as well as arresting and detaining labour activists.


Last night, more than 200 Hong Kong people gathered at the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier in a candlelight vigil commemorating Li Wangyang organized by the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions.  It proved that Hong Kong people have not forgotten Li Wangyang and the atrocities inflicted on him by the regime.  Although his friends Zhao Baozhu, Zhu Chengzi, and Yin Zhenan were not able to attend the event, they recorded videos to express their condolences to their deceased friend, and express their gratitude for Hong Kong people’s support.  At the end of the event, the attendees offered flowers to commemorate Li Wangyang and support to his family and friends.  May we all wish that the justice will be brought upon the Li Wangwang’s death one day.

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