Stop fascism in Hong Kong! Uphold and defend the people’s right to democracy in HK!

Stop fascism in Hong Kong!

Uphold and defend the people’s right to democracy in HK!


Fascism has reared its ugly head in Hong Kong.


This is the statement of the Asia Pacific Students and Youth Association (ASA, formerly known as the Asian Students Association) as it condemns in strongest possible terms the violent response of the Hong Kong government through its police force on the droves of local people, mainly composed of students and youth, who were calling for universal suffrage in Hong Kong.


Last night, September 28, the Hong Kong police used pepper spray, tear gas, batons and brute physical force to violently disperse the protesters who were demanding to elect their own Chief Executive. Some student leaders and other protesters have already been arrested and detained.


In response to this state-instigated violence, the protesters raised their hands to show that they did not wish to retaliate. But the police prodded on.


Seeing the violence committed by the police, people from all walks of life have poured out into the streets and expressed their support.


Earlier in the week, student unions belonging to the Hong Kong Federation of Students staged a student boycott in their respective universities in response to the China government’s refusal to allow universal suffrage in Hong Kong in 2017.


If it truly upholds democracy and the interests of its own people, the Hong Kong government should: (1) immediately stop the police from violently attacking the protesters; (2) immediately release the arrested and detained student leaders and other protesters; and (3) investigate on the violent dispersal and make accountable the officers who have initiated and commanded the violence.


We in the ASA are in strong solidarity with the youth and people of Hong Kong who continuously and courageously exercise their rights to uphold and defend democracy in Hong Kong. We call on all our member organizations in Asia Pacific and friends all over the world to pour their support and solidarity to our brothers and sisters in Hong Kong.


 Long live international solidarity!


ASA Statement -- 29 September 2014


Rey Asis, regional secretariat member


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