In Solidarity with the Umbrella Movement Arrestees

In Solidarity with the Umbrella Movement Arrestees
HKCTU Statement on 23-1-2015


Just over a month after the umbrella campaign, the Government has already launched a large-scale political liquidation.  32 participants of the movement were arrested by appointment, including the HKCTU General Secretary, Lee Cheuk Yan and Chief Executive, Mung Siu Tat.  Both were charged with participating, organizing or inciting illegal assembly.  Lee reported back to the police on Jan 17, while Mung would report to the police on Jan 22.
In solidarity with Mung, more than 20 people showed their support on the day when Mung reported to the police station, including Mung’s brother and Lee Cheuk Yan.  Before going into the police station, Mung accentuated he neither felt lonely nor anxious from the support he got.  However, he apologized for making her four-years old daughter worried as she would afraid that he would be dealt with violently by the police after seeing his arrest on the television news.
Mung would go on to stress that, “We do not want our children to be forced to live in a society with no dignity and freedom when they grow up.  We do not want them to endure long working hours and become slaves to work when they grow up; we do not want our children sacrificing their freedom and work throughout their whole lives just for an apartment to live when they grow up.  And we all know that until the day we have universal suffrage, we will have to continue to live under the shadow of real estate hegemony, and government-corporation collusion.”

Mung was detained for more than one hour and was released after he refused to release on bail.  The police suspected Mung with two charges—1. attending unauthorized assembly and 2. organizing and inciting unauthorized assembly.  During which, the police showed Mung two video clips as evidence allegations.  Mung would later revealed, “in one video clip, the police recorded my speech to appeal demonstrators to abide by peaceful and non-violence principles when confronting the tear gas and pepper spray used by the police.  It just shows that the evidence which was used to against me, in fact underscores the police prosecution is to suppress peaceful demonstrations.”
The HKCTU will mobilize her members to attend future solidarity actions to show that we will never back down in face of prosecution, and will continue to fight for universal suffrage.