HK Union leader Lee Cheuk Yan released after police questioning

Calling HK citizens for joining forces to resist repression on democratic movement

Lee Cheuk-yan, General Secretary of the HKCTU turned himself in the Wan Chai police on 17 January2015 as the police launched “arrests by appointment”, targeting leading protesters of the Movement. About 50 people from HKCTU, Labour Party and other supporters came to show support to Lee Cheuk Yan today.

Lee was accused of inciting, convening and participating in unauthorized assemblies. During the process, the police showed him 3 video clips in the umbrella movement and described an incident in which Lee was there but Lee did not make any comments on it. Lee refused to be bound by bail and he was released after 2 hour questioning at the police station. The police claimed that they would “reserve the right to prosecute”, despite the immediate release of Lee.
Another union leader Mung siu-tat, Chief Executive of HKCTU will report to the Police at 11am on 22 January 2014. HKCTU will keep mobilizing support actions to all the protesters of umbrella movement to resist the political reprisal.
Comments of HKCTU
Lee made a speech outside the police station that the fight for democracy by independent labour movement will not back down under the repression from Central Government and Chun-yin Leung Administration. On the other hand, we will get stronger to fight until we win. Lee appealed to all citizens in HK to be united for resisting the authoritarian state.