Fu Chang-guo forced to disappear and detention center said no such person

Fu Chang-guo’s disappearance was involuntary. Fu Chang-guo’s elder sister was still trying to pass money to him through the detention center, but her requests was rejected as the detention center claimed that there was “no such person”.  

Family members were not allowed to visit Fu Chang-guo after he was detained while his lawyer was able to meet him only once in last September. Fu’s sister tried to deposit money to his account at the detention center on 1, 6 and 15 February, but was repeatedly told that there was “no such person”. No official explanation was given.

Fu Chang-guo was arrested in July 2018 for his involvement in the Jasic labour dispute and was detained at the Shenzhen Second Detention Center since then. According to Xinhua News Agency’s report on the Jasic labour dispute, Fu was accused for his support to the Jasic workers and connections with overseas power, and put under criminal detention for "picking quarrels and provoking trouble". Fu’s sister tried to bail him out from the detention center but was not successful. Fu’s mother passed away on 10 January while he was under detention.  

The five labour rights activists arrested on 21 January was also stripped of their right to see lawyers. Zhang Zhi-ru, Song Jia-hui, Jian Hui and Wu Gui-jun never met their lawyers, while He Yuan-chen was allowed to meet the lawyer once only.

Recently, the Hong Kong government is planning to make new laws to allow transfer of “fugitives” to Mainland China. Judging from the treatment of labour rights activists in the Jasic dispute, extradition of “fugitive” would only become a political tool in Mainland China where the rule of law is still absent.