Denouncement towards violence and abuse on female protester

Urging Hong Kong Police to protect the rights of assembly of female

In this afternoon, Causeway Bay and Mongkok were occupied by peaceful protesters because of Umbrella Revolution. However, hundreds of pro-government mobs, who wore blue ribbons, attacked the peaceful protesters. In Causeway Bay, one of female protester pushed by the pro-government mobs. That blue-ribbon mob abused the female protester by verbal sexual harassment. He said, ‘You are expected to be indecent assaulted.’ According to the《Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women》, it entitles all women to enjoy civil and political rights. And point out the government is responsible to erase all discrimination against female political rights and social participation, as well as their rights of assembly. We strongly denounce all sexual harassment and abuses towards female participation in civil assembly. And urge the Hong Kong Police to arrest the dangerous pro-government mobs as to protect the female protesters from any sexual violence.